Your Three Best Amigos Play Secret Stages

 Sometimes You Make Love…

…and sometimes you get fucked!

By Andy Harris


“If every tiny town had local heroes this good, no one would leave home.” —Kenneth Partridge, M Music & Musicians Magazine

Amigo is the best band in Charlotte. In fact, they are probably the best band in North Carolina. They might even be the best band in America and, while I’m hyperbolizing (which is evil), I have to say that Amigo is the World’s Greatest Band.

It’s a reasonable statement. The songs are great. The vocals, which come in waves of solo, two-part, and three-part harmony, are as real as it gets. Unless you’ve had an easy life, you’ll identify with the lyrics. You’ll find a new favorite song. And, oh yes, the live performance. Amigo is a hard-rocking power trio that brings to mind the slogan from my high school wrestling T-shirt: “Brute force with finesse.”

Time To Make The Donuts

It’s all true. Amigo consists of band members Slade Baird (guitar,vocals), Adam Phillips (drums, vocals) and Thomas Alverson (bass guitar, vocals). The band plays a masterful blend of Americana, honky-tonk and rock and roll. 2014’s critically acclaimed album (American Songwriter, Elmore Magazine) Might Could is great from start to finish. Drop the needle and you’ve got memorable songs, song titles, guitar solos, and harmonies from one of the rowdiest bands east of the Mississippi.

Amigo played at The Nick Rocks in 2014 and has toured consistently around the Southeast and East Coast. Now you’ll have a chance to see and hear the boys in the flesh at Secret Stages 2016. Their Saturday, August 6th set at M-Lounge kicks off at 9:45 pm. They’re also crashing at my place, so you’re invited to the after-party.

This is what it’s all about – a great band of good musicians who know how to write funny songs, sad songs, clever songs, songs that rock and roll. There is no gimmick here: Amigo is the real thing. This is unexpected and serious songwriting rendered by a band capable of vast extremes, the kind of band that could be around a long time. I hope they are.
—Paul Zollo, American Songwriter Magazine

Talks of a US tour have begun but before that happens, the band is recording all new material. The boys doubled down and spent July in the studio with Mitch Easter (REM, Wilco, Let’s Active).  Another solid release is in the future. For now, it’s Secret Stages. See ya there!

20 Questions with Amigo

1) What’s your favorite color?
Red. It is obviously the best color.

2) How much money do you make a year?
Millions. Cash rules everything around me.

3) What are your UN-fluences?

4) Finding money or Finding Nemo?

5) Animals or Pet Sounds?
Actual animals.

6) Pants or Pints?
Can I say both? I like both of them.

7) Abe Lincoln or Babe Thinkin?
This is one of those cases where I can’t top the question.

8) Tomato or Tuh-mah-toe?
What’s the difference?

9) Rutles or Stones?
I only know one of those, don’t judge me!

10) How do you balance work and family?
I don’t work.

11) Pros of being in a power trio?
60 percent less sassmouth! And we fit in a minivan.

12) Cons of being in a power trio?
We drive a minivan.

13) Who are you voting for?

14) Who aren’t you voting for?

15) Werner or Whitey Herzog?

16) Cops or Robbers?

17) Best NC band?
Music isn’t a contest so I’m reluctant to do any ranking of bands from best to worst but I will say I have been a big Superchunk fan since the Nineties and they are still the best band in the history of the world.

18) Favorite venue Amigo has played?
There are lots of good ones but our two favorites are in Charlotte and they always feel like home: Snug Harbor and The Evening Muse. We’re lucky to have them.

19) Venue you want to play?
Red Rocks.

20) Top 5 bands you would love to open for on tour?

1. Lee Bains III & The Glory Fires (because I wouldn’t want to follow those dudes)
2. Bob Dylan
3. Lucinda Williams
4. John Prine
5. The Old Paints (let’s make that happen)


Amigo performs at M-Lounge on Saturday, August 6th from 9:45-10:30 pm.

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