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Mac McAnally

His peers have voted him CMA Musician of the Year for an unprecedented eight years in a row. He’s a member of the Nashville Songwriters’ Hall of Fame and the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame. It’s gotten to the point where he can’t even drive down Second Street in his old hometown of Belmont without seeing his name on a marker, honoring him along with Jimmie Rodgers, Marty Stuart and a few other legends along the Mississippi Country Music Trail.

All of that would swell anyone’s head but McAnally’s. His humility is nearly as well known as his many accomplishments — a fact he humorously acknowledges in the title of his new album, scheduled for Sept. 11 release on Mailboat Records.

“William Faulkner once said something about wishing that it would be only the artist’s work, not the artist, who might be judged,” he says. “I agree with him, so A.K.A. Nobodyis what I call the album. It’s not that I think I’m uninteresting, but I have never been comfortable saying, ‘Hey, look at me!’ I just would like somebody to hear this music and say, ‘This is good work.’”

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Little Raine Band

Little Raine Band is a band truly on the rise, and is quickly becoming known as the hottest act in the Southeast. With an ever-evolving sound and fan base reaching all over the Southeast these young musicians have pledged their lives to master the art of live performance and creating a one of a kind live show. Little Raine Band is a four-piece band from Birmingham, AL that craft their sound from their unique musical backgrounds and an intense passion to follow their dreams. Elements of progressive rock, funk, jazz fusion, electronic music, R&B, and energetic improvisations can be heard in a Little Raine Band show along with covers to cater to any crowd.

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Anders Osborne / Amy Helm & The Handsome Strangers

Anders Osborne

Between the potency of his richly detailed songwriting, his intensely emotional, soulful vocals and his piercing, expert guitar work, New Orleans’ Anders Osborne is a true musical treasure. He is among the most original and visionary musicians writing and performing today. Guitar Player calls him “the poet laureate of Louisiana’s fertile roots music scene.”

Fiery anthems and tumultuous confessional songs punctuated with raw, inspired guitar.

Rich and glorious…Osborne possesses a voice that rises out of the darkness to the light of a soulful, tremulous wail. He is a consummate showman and shaman, bending successive moments to suit his majestic purposes. Osborne seeks an epic quality to much of his music, crafting layer upon layer of hugely scaled soundscapes.…never lazily derivative…every slashing guitar figure, every cry of a lyric, seems to come from an authentic place.
–New Orleans Times-Picayune


Amy Helm & The Handsome Strangers

“I’m just trying to tell some stories as honestly as I can,” Amy Helm says of Didn’t It Rain, her first solo album and her eOne Music debut.

Although the personally charged, organically soulful Didn’t It Rain is her first release under her own name, Amy Helm has been making music for most…

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