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Vanessa Carlton 

Vanessa Carlton’s latest EP BLUE POOL features four tracks written for the upcoming full length album Liberman (out in October) which was named after a colorful oil painting by her grandfather Alan J. Lee, whose given name was Liberman. The four tracks on the EP include “Take It Easy” and “Blue Pool” which will be found on the upcoming album as well as “Operator (Live Living Room Session)” and “Nothing Where Something Used To Be (Live Living Room Session).” A complete catalog of the Living Room Sessions will be available on a deluxe version of the album in October.

These tracks reflect Vanessa’s current state of mind since moving from NYC to Nashville, marrying husband John McCauley (Deer Tick) and having a baby girl. The simple instrumentation mixed with her wistful vocals and poignant lyrics bring you into her world and showcase a new side to this accomplished songwriter.

Stay tuned for upcoming details on the upcoming album Liberman and new tracks!

Joshua Hyslop 

The best way to tell any story is to live it. Canadian singer and songwriter Joshua Hyslop has certainly done that. Since 2013, he’s actually played over 50 intimate “House Shows.” You read that…

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