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Austin’s Uncle Lucius celebrates its independence with a highly anticipated fourth album, The Light, to be released June 9, 2015 on Boo Clap/Thirty Tigers

AUSTIN, Texas — Most bands celebrate a long-awaited record deal. Uncle Lucius saved the champagne for when they got out of theirs.

“We had a party in the motel parking lot,” drummer Josh Greco remembers with a smile. Over some warm Lone Star, the road-weary band bid farewell to Nashville machinations, though the way ahead was entirely uncharted. Only the perils of independence were apparent.

“We really didn’t have a back-up plan. Or any plan at all, for that matter,” admits Jonny “Keys”

Fortunately, this band has plenty of practice straying from the simpler path. For a decade, Uncle
Lucius had built its fan base the hard way, through relentless touring and restless searching. With no other option, they called on their die-hards for help. Hundreds of believers pledged tens of thousands of hard-earned dollars. Both humbled and exhilarated, the band hit the studio, eager to justify their fans’ love with the labor of their hearts and souls.

The resulting LP, The Light, is the statement their fans have waited for, with its songs of seeking and questioning, of reaching…

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