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Jerry Ryan
With an infectious laugh and a twinkle in his eye, Jerry has led TOAS through 38 years of foot-stompin’, belly-laughin’ good times to remember.
“Jerry has a natural ability to win an audience almost immediately” , says fellow member Bobby Horton. With a quick joke and a smile or poking fun at himself, he sets the tone for a dynamic, power-packed show. Showing expertise on guitar, harmonica, and vocals is secondary to his ability to act as emcee and keep things moving. “The show is the thing people want to see.” says Jerry. “We just want to entertain the audience…whatever it takes.”
Jerry is right at home entertaining farmers, lawyers, kids, seniors, doctors, truckers…even microplasmoligists.
“I love what I do.” says Jerry, who also books himself and “Blue” as a one man band. “I don’t fish or play golf…I just love to perform for people.”

Bobby Horton
An expert musician, Bobby “plays anything that ain’t tied down” quips Jerry . But it is probably his physical humor that has endeared himself to TOAS audiences
throughout the years. “He does things effortlessly” says Brad. “You can’t take your eyes off of him, you’ll miss something. I’ve been genuinely laughing at the same shtick for years.”  As a soloist, Bobby is…

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