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Critically and popularly acclaimed Nashville, Tennessee/Dallas, Texas rock band, the White Animals, have announced they will play in Birmingham Alabama at Workplay Theater on October 30th.

During the early/mid-eighties, relentless national touring helped the band build a fiercely loyal fan base. The White Animals set club attendance records across the country including Dallas, Texas; Memphis Tennessee; Atlanta and Athens, Georgia; Nashville, Tennessee; Birmingham, Alabama; and Phoenix, Arizona. The White Animals also shared the larger concert stage with James Brown, Los Lobos, The Kinks, Talking Heads, Duran Duran and The Ramones.

The White Animals gained national notoriety as one of the first “independent” record label acts to land two videos in regular rotation on MTV– “Don’t Care,” the band’s first video to appear on MTV, and “This Girl Of Mine,” which stayed in medium rotation on the MTV play list for several weeks.

The White Animals consistently play to sellout crowds throughout the southeast including Nashville, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia; Birmingham, Alabama; Memphis, Tennessee, Oxford Mississippi, and have recently played successful tour dates in Virginia and South Carolinian.
White Animals tour dates support the bands compilation CD, — 3,000 Nights In…

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