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The von Trapps, Sye Elaine Spence

The von Trapps w/ Sye Elaine Spence

Meet The von Trapps, the next generation. Siblings Sofia (26), Melanie (24), Amanda (23) and August (20), the great-grandchildren of the Captain and Maria von Trapp, are reinventing the legacy of their birthright for the modern age. Dancing in Gold, the first of three EPs of entirely original material that The von Trapps plan to send out into the world over the next two years, is due out April 14, 2015.


For their first foray into the studio in their new incarnation, the siblings sought out a kindred spirit, approaching Israel Nebeker, the lead singer and songwriter of Blind Pilot, to produce the album. Inspired by the work of artists such as Fleet Foxes, Beach House, Sufjan Stevens, Franc?oise Hardy, and the Beach Boys, the harmonic folk-pop that sings out of Dancing in Gold is 21st-century von Trapp, inventive, earnest and exquisite. Nebeker gets right to the heart and soul of the matter: “Their sound is an open collage, unafraid of combining disparate style and sentiment. Most importantly to me, it communicates honestly and is sung from the heart.”


The von Trapps’ musical journey began as a fluke…

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