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The Used, Chevelle

The Used, Chevelle

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“The Used emerged flipping two middle fingers at what passed for the rock n’ roll status quo while snatching platinum, gold and silver certifications in North America, Europe and Australia and kicking open the doors of MTV and the Top 10.

Now freed of the shackles of corporate bureaucracy and even the limitations of geography (half the band now lives abroad), The Used is creating the most spirited and vitally essential work of their career.

Imaginary Enemy arrives with the wrath of a hurricane, railing against the mainstream media distractions that keep the populace complacent about poverty, disease, war, famine and the seemingly inevitable police state decimating privacy. Even as humanity grows more interconnected through technology, self-absorbed narcissism keeps much of the West with a nose in a smartphone and their empathy obscured. As The Used’s lyricist/frontman Bert McCracken declares: “We need new heroes – or no heroes at all. We need more leaders and lessTwitter followers.”

“It’s a very challenging record,” says bassist Jeph Howard, who co-founded The Used with McCracken, guitarist Quinn Allman and the group’s original drummer in 2001. “We’ve never gone this deep into these issues. This record has a lot to do with the world…

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