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Doomestress, Beerwolf, The Murder of Jane Crow

Doomstress was spawned by Doomstress Alexis’s desire to take a more personal musical direction. While still rooted in doom and metal, Doomstress seeks to invoke heavier grooves found more in vintage & stoner rock. The layering of twin guitar and vocal harmonies allows Doomstress to bring a darker ambience and mood to the music. Lyrically and visually Doomstress portrays free spiritedness of nature, strength of self as well as some occult and gothic themes.

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Bloodkin with Will Stewart

Bloodkin’s 25-year history has been a roller coaster of the good, the bad, and the ugly. There have been personal demons to tame, real tragedy to endure, and a very uphill battle to keep their creative relationship intact. But through it all, their music remains a genuine article of Southern gothic narrative wrapped in the cloak of powerful and raw guitar-driven rock & roll music. With 9 albums’ worth of material to their credit Bloodkin is an undeniably important part of the contemporary Southern musical landscape.
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Your Three Best Amigos Play Secret Stages

Your Three Best Amigos Play Secret Stages

 Sometimes You Make Love…

…and sometimes you get fucked!

By Andy Harris


“If every tiny town had local heroes this good, no one would leave home.” —Kenneth Partridge, M Music & Musicians Magazine

Amigo is the best band in Charlotte. In fact, they are probably the best band in North Carolina. They might even be the best band in America and, while I’m hyperbolizing (which is evil), I have to say that Amigo is the World’s Greatest Band.

It’s a reasonable statement. The songs are great. The vocals, which come in waves of solo, two-part, and three-part harmony, are as real as it gets. Unless you’ve had an easy life, you’ll identify with the lyrics. You’ll find a new favorite song. And, oh yes, the live performance. Amigo is a hard-rocking power trio that brings to mind the slogan from my high school wrestling T-shirt: “Brute force with finesse.”

Time To Make The Donuts

It’s all true. Amigo consists of band members Slade Baird (guitar,vocals), Adam Phillips (drums, vocals) and Thomas Alverson (bass guitar, vocals). The band plays a masterful blend of Americana, honky-tonk and rock and roll. 2014’s critically acclaimed album (American Songwriter, Elmore Magazine) Might Could is great from start to finish….

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