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Syndicate Lounge Farewell Extravaganza

If you’ve spent any time in Birmingham, Alabama, you’ve seen a Dirty Lungs sticker slapped on something. Though the city’s musical landscape has changed dramatically since the band formed in 2006, the Dirty Lungs are still standing–and they’re just as gritty and focused as ever.
Several tours and member changes have contributed to the constant evolution of their sound. The Birmingham-staple garage-surf outfit has continuously reinvented itself and now moves forward as a four piece. They’ve shared the stage with bands such as British Sea Power, Jacuzzi Boys, The Clientele, and many others. This summer they prepare to release their Communicating Vessels debut.
Their new record is not, by any means, the archetypical Nirvana-esque rehashing of an old Kinks record that seems to egress from every garage in America these days. The influences beneath Dirty Lungs are indeed abounding, and Mitchell’s vocals are the force that unites them all.
To compare Dirty Lungs to any particular album would be unfair–their latest release is an extension of their own sound reinforced by a focused exploration into new musical realms. Produced and Engineered by Michael Shackelford (studiophonic) with mixing by Lynn Bridges, they assured the band’s music would leave listeners anxiously…

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Akil the MC from Jurassic5, Shaheed and DJ Supreme, The Green Seed

Akil the MC from Jurassic5

Akil the MC of the alternative hip hop group Jurassic5 based out of Los Angeles has ventured out on his own and according to ReverbNation has not missed a beat. You don’t want to miss this show!

Shaheed and DJ Supreme

Lately, DJ Supreme has been making a soulful noise as a part of the hip hop group Shaheed and DJ Supreme. The Birmingham-based Communicating Vessels record label recently released their 3rd album Knowledge Rhythm and Understanding to great reviews and outstanding airplay throughout the world. Together they’ve rocked stages with international stars such as Raekwon the Chef, Stalley, Atmosphere, and Brother Ali. In the summer of 2014 Shaheed and DJ Supreme successfully toured the UK with Jurassic 5 and Dilated Peoples. They were also part of the CMJ Music Marathon in New York City in October of 2014.

The Green Seed

Drapetomania (pronounced druh-pet-oh-may-nee-uh) has all the gusto and urgency of a debut. Brimming with lyrics of fury courtesy of emcees R-Tist and C.O.M.P.L.E.T., the stabbing attacks of dynamic DJ duo FX and Jeff C, and a lush soundworld layered with rich textures and trunk-rattling beats. Drapetomania is a feast for the…

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