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The Cheesebrokers


The Cheesebrokers are the inventors of the all 80’s, hair metal, one hit wonder, cover bands! You won’t hear any better CHEESY 80’s, sing-along songs anywhere around! GUARANTEED! The Cheesebrokers started in Tuscaloosa, Alabama at the University of Alabama around 1990. Between then and now The Cheesebrokers have taken on many forms. Colonel Kegg (The Keggenator) is the only remaining original member. Hambone joined the force around 1995. He has been around long enough to have been a smoker when he joined, quit for many years and start back again. Sugah Valentino has always been a Cheesebroker in spirit. It was just matter of time before paths crossed. The untimely demise of Johnny Nitro was a hard blow, but occasionally you’ll see his twin “Biscuit” show up. Mr. Brownstone has been a embryonic Cheesebroker with a gestation period of about 15 years. He is unpredictable and can explode at any moment!

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