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Diet Cig/ TEEN/ Kississippi/ Mercury Girls

Diet Cig

Diet Cig is a pop rock band from New Paltz, NY, fronted by Alex Luciano with Noah Bowman of Earl Boykins (Forged Artifacts) on drums. The five charming songs on the debut “Over Easy” EP, written by Alex in the comforts of her bedroom, capture the innocence of adolescence and infatuation. “Over Easy” was recorded on Halloween 2014 with Christopher Daly at Salvation Recording Co. in New Paltz, NY (Porches, Quarterbacks, Earl Boykins) and mastered by Jamal Ruhe at West West Side Music. “Over Easy” was released digitally and on cassette in February 2015 with the support of Father/Daughter Records.


In August of 2014, Zoë Allaire Reynolds put out a 5-song EP under the moniker Kississippi, and later that month, Colin James Kupson moved to Philadelphia to attend The University of the Arts (for Music…

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Joe Jack Talcum of the Dead Milkmen/ Coolzey/ King Magnum/ Sister Sniffle

Joe Jack Talcum of the Dead Milkmen

A founding member of the Dead Milkmen, Talcum began playing solo acoustic shows in 2004. He performs his own songs as well as solo versions of some Dead Milkmen songs. Throughout the past 7 years he has performed throughout the United States as well as in Canada, Germany, and Romania. He has one live album, “Live in the Studio” (CD) a split 12-inch with Mischief Brew (“Photographs from the Shoe Box”), a split CD with Ratboy (“Joe Jack Brand Talcum”), and a collection of home recordings (“Home Recordings 1984-1997”).


Coolzey stepped into the public eye around 2005 with a demo album and a series of exploratory DIY tours with rapper/comedian and friend Schaffer the Darklord. Interest spread quickly and Coolzey found himself touring alongside hip-hop legends from Brand Nubian and Jurassic 5 as well as punk rock heroes like Dead Milkmen. Coolzey’s first album “The Honey” was released in 2010 and second official full-length “Hit Factory” in 2013. In these albums as well as in a number of EPs, collaborations, and side projects, he finds his niche as a songwriter, navigating hip-hop, rock, punk, and pop in the spirit of genre…

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James Leg / Bohannons / Bad Cologne

James Leg

“James Leg, growler, shouter, composer, and Fender Rhodes finger-fucker, of the Black Diamond Heavies, steps out with some friends for more songs of hedonistic excess, crazy ass women, and southern salvation.”


Bad Cologne

“Nothing like the smell of cheap beer and crappy amps that are about to catch on fire and die! The Brian Jonestown Massacre can’t drunkenly hold a candle to these jackasses. Plus, they do airbrush shirts at their shows! Top that!”

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I <3 Jungle presents the return of drum and bass in the Magic City, featuring:

BAKTERIA – (Schedule One Recordings / MajikCityRadio)

OSC1LL8R – ( / 1200 Hustle / Cybortronic)

JME – (Majik City Junglists, MajikCityRadio, Harmony)

TRYPTONE – (MajikCityRadio / Beatfarm / 1200 Hustle)

DJ FATAL – (MajikCityRadio)

JTRA – (MajikCityRadio / 1200 Hustle / Industrial Parasite Rec)

$5 Donation with 2 Cans of Food
$7 Donation without

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Royal & Toulouse, Five Eight

Royal & Toulouse, Five Eight

Royal & Toulouse is from Birmingham and they are touring in support of their 3rd album, “The Old & The New,” set to release in early 2016. The band is featuring a few new numbers with strong roots in the Blues. Dylan Johnson on drums and Christian Herring on guitar have spent the last few years hoofing between the juke joints of the Mississippi Delta. With the updated line-up, a new sound is emerging with a Blues base married up to that New Orleans Jazz in a bed of warm Alabama Soul. Conceived here is a Rock style that can be described only as Royal & Toulouse.

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White Chapel, Psycroptic, Culture Killer, Hounds

White Chapel, Psycroptic, Culture Killer, Hounds

White Chapel

Having spent several years lauded as one of the frontrunners in their genre, in 2012 Whitechapel stand as a defining force in contemporary heavy music. Building dramatically on the trademarked bludgeon of their first three releases, with Whitechapel the Tennessean sextet have inarguably delivered their most intense, dynamic, and downright hostile record to date. Drenched in atmospheric darkness, the record is also rife with gripping melodies that drag the listener in to the tumult, willing or otherwise, and across its ten tracks it is infused with an emotional depth that pointedly separates the band from the plethora of two-dimensional mosh-starters that have sprung up in their wake. “These songs are some of the best material we have released to date, and the whole vibe of the record compelled us to self-title it,” states guitarist Alex Wade. “With every record we strive for something different – we’re always going to stay true to what Whitechapel is, but we want to evolve and do something that is fresh and engaging both for ourselves and for the people who support us.”

Setting the scene with the brooding piano that…

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