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“Sweet Tea” is Alabama’s dynamic country trio that is currently making their mark on country music. Hailing from three different parts of Alabama, Kate Falcon, Victoria Camp and Savannah Coker have joined forces to give country music fans their first taste of an all female trio since groups like the Dixie Chicks and the Pistol Annies. Their trademark is their harmonies and collectively they sing with a beautiful blend of southern charm and a little bit of country twang! They are all singer/songwriters and musicians but most importantly, you will see true entertainers.

Savannah Coker is a 17 year old country singer/songwriter. She performs at various venues around Alabama and Nashville. She lives out her daydreams through music. Being the third daughter of a professional hunter, she has been blessed to hunt and travel around the world. She lives with her parents, Bob and Tami, and two older sisters Channing and Ciara.

Kate Falcon has the natural star quality of a seasoned performer. The Southside, Alabama 16 years old teen started singing at age three and it will only take a few notes for you to realize that you are listening to a rising…

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