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Interview – Bring the Mourning On

Interview - Bring the Mourning On

Bring the Mourning On needs no identity. They are “comfortably underground.”

Josh Matthews

It’s cold on this winter day in Malmo, Sweden. I’m looking at the interior living space of one of the members of Bring the Mourning On. It’s clean and modern, a nice and cozy loft, but from the looks of the inhabitants dressed in flannel and drinking whiskey neat, it’s fucking frigid outside! Fitting, I think, based on how Bring The Mourning On’s Henning Pettersson describes their music, “expansive and barren, influenced by wide open spaces.”

I’m talking to lead singer Henning Pettersson, who is gregarious and jovial. We are joined by the bassist, Sebastion Axelsson. It’s hard to imagine that the most influential of the group is not the darker, edgier Axelsson. Axe writes the bass lines for BTMO’s songs as if he was writing for his favored genre of death metal. But BTMO is a truly collaborative effort. And the finished product, while dark and edgy, is far from death metal. But it’s certainly not country.

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