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Stephen Kellogg, Anthony D’Amato

Stephen Kellogg

Critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter Stephen Kellogg’s music is Americana-tinged, sometimes folk, often rock, occasionally pop. His most recent four-part album South, West, North, East embraces the notion of genre-splitting to the fullest. The premise of South, West, North, East was to record each section of the album in a different region of the USA, with different co-producers and different groups of musicians. The Southern rock flavor of “South” (recorded in Nashville and Atlanta) slides into the cowboy motif of “West” (recorded on a farm in Boulder, CO); and the more indie rock feel of “North” (recorded in a cabin in Woodstock, NY) gives way to the songwriter pop of “East” (recorded in Washington DC). “You often hear about the importance of ‘picking a lane’ and while I completely understand the marketing savvy and focus of that concept, I picked my lane a long time ago; it’s called the ‘words that describe what I believe to be true’ lane.”

Anthony D’Amato

Recorded with members of Bon Iver, Megafaun, and Josh Ritter’s band, Anthony D’Amato’s New West Records debut, The Shipwreck From The Shore, has…

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