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Songs of Water.

Intimate jewel-box melodies give way to expansive, sweeping passages framing surrealist lyrics on the gorgeous new record, Stars and Dust from North Carolina’s orchestral-indie collective Songs of Water.

The result of intense collaboration by Elisa Rose Cox, Michael Pritchard, Greg Willette, Jon Kliegle, Luke Skaggs and Stephen Roach, Stars and Dust is a profound display of symmetry and a testimony to perseverance, having taken nearly three years to complete.

Composed at Threshing Floor Audio in Lincolnton, North Carolina, the songs on Stars and Dust were written and re-written as needed until they fully realized the band’s vision. Combing through hundreds of sketchbook compositions, the band tracked nearly eighteen songs for consideration. Like a sculptor who sets out to free the piece of art already extant within the marble before him, Roach and his compatriots were able to pull from this monumental work a refined, concise statement.

Much like the earthly element from which they draw their name, the music of Songs of Water ebbs and flows, pulsing with life, beauty and energy. Built on a solid foundation of sophisticated, instrumental prowess, the band paints with an expansive sonic palette ranging from the traditional guitar / drums / bass format to…

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5 Shows In August 2015

5 Shows In August 2015

1. Songs Of Water

Show Info: Workplay / 8.21

While their sound is reminiscent of Anathallo or Sufjan Stevens, Songs of Water is truly a one-of-a-kind band. Their music is ethereal yet energetic with hints of folk and bluegrass, which isn’t surprising, considering one of the band members is the son of Ricky Skaggs.


2. The Pollies

Show Info: Saturn Birmingham / 8.14

With their upcoming album, ‘Not Here’, this Muscle Shoals based band promises to shift from their alternative rock sound to something more experimental. Given the quality of their last album, we’re sure the transition will not disappoint.


3. The Dirty Lungs

Show Info: Saturn Birmingham / 8.19

Local rock band The Dirty Lungs delivers eccentric hard rock that sometimes sounds like their name, in the best way possible.


4. Clear Plastic Masks

Show Info: Birmingham Museum of Art / 8.13

You can add this band to the growing list of quality rock and roll to come out of Nashville, TN. With a sound that will make you nostalgic for the good ole days of rock, The Clear Plastic Masks brings together soul and attitude in an incredibly authentic way.


5. Peter Bradley Adams

Show Info: Iron City / 8.20

If you’re looking for something a little more acoustic, look no…

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