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Avatar, September Mourning


On Avatar’s fourth release, Black Waltz, the Swedes utilize the infamous Gothenburg melodic death metal sound. However, it’s mostly hidden in their hypnotic industrial rhythms and good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll beats. It’s a conglomeration of In Flames, Rammstein and Marilyn Manson with modern metal elements such as Disturbed and System of a Down.

Black Waltz is a bizarre, circus freak show of a ride: melodic, psychotic and addicting.

It’s disturbing at times, glorious at others. It’s dark, yet uplifting, too.

The hoarse growls of vocalist Johannes Eckerström (the Clown), who takes on the freakish character and becomes the evil twisted clown performing the Black Waltz, can be seen on the cover art and the video. He’s a growler. His barks are harsh but easily discernible, but when it’s called for, he can turn on the melodic juices, especially come chorus time.

September Mourning

“For me, the project is a story, a theatrical art piece,” September explains. “Music is the backbone, but for this to work, it has to include the imagery and the narrative all symbiotically linked into the whole. Music taps into your innermost being. There’s something very intimate and personal about it.”


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