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An Interview with Anderson East

An Interview with Anderson East
Photo by Brooksy Flynn
Interview by Sara Jane Overby at Sloss Fest, 2016

Michael Cameron Anderson, known professionally as Anderson East, was born in Athens, Alabama. Currently, he is based in Nashville, writing and singing his take on Country music — a rhythmic blues with a rock-and-roll edge. Talking with Michael was something like sitting down with an old friend. Read on to see what all he had to share. Don’t miss your chance to catch him at the Shaky Knees Festival coming up May 13th-15th!

(Sara Jane) You just got off stage a moment ago. How was it?

(Anderson East) It was great. It was really, really hot. But it was fun.

That’s definitely been the statement of the day — how hot it is.

Yeah, I’ve lost some weight, which I’ve needed to. Sweated out all my indiscretions.

(Laughing) I’m sure Miranda will appreciate that.

I hope so.

Well, let’s jump right in. Tell me about the artist or the song that inspired you to write, and supplied you with the desire to become an artist.

I don’t know if there was ever a song,…

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C4 Productions Presents ‘20,000 Freaks Under the Sea’

C4 Productions Presents '20,000 Freaks Under the Sea'
Photo by Craig Baird Photography
Interview by Sara Jane Overby



Calling all music festival lovers — there is a new group in town. C4 Productions specializes in hosting events that are less “concerts” than themed experiences. If you missed C4’s latest event — Area 54 — another event will be held at Wordplay on Friday, March 3rd, called 20,000 Freaks Under the Sea. This event will spare no detail: lights, dancers, art, costumes, and a multi-genre line-up of music: OTT, Little Rain Band, Moglee, Biolux, and LeeJ.

C4’s Executive Director, Clay Dunbar, offered a couple minutes of his time to illustrate the evolution and vision of C4 Productions.

Sara Jane: I want to jump right in and ask you, why did you decide to focus C4 Productions around these themed experiences? What’s the takeaway for the people who attend these events? And what do you and other C4 members take from the experience as well?

Clay Dunbar: One of the overarching reasons why I do this is because, throughout my years, I have always known these little groups and scenes of people. We all hung out in very similar ways, but we were never all together. Most didn’t even know each…

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Escondido and that Desert Sex Sound: An Interview with Tyler James and Jessica Maros

Escondido and that Desert Sex Sound: An Interview with Tyler James and Jessica Maros

Within the modern music industry there seems to be a growing appetite for music that’s moved beyond the boundary of a single genre. Audiences want more. They don’t just want to be entertained, that’s as simple as people-watching at a red light. They want to be mesmerized.

And for artists that means experimentation. Finding a voice, a tone, a style that’s more than what it appears.

We at MusicBham were fortunate enough to be given a chance to talk to the crew of Escondido, a band in the process of developing its own unique sound that has been heralded by the Chicago Sun-Times and others as “a band steeped in Southwest fantasia that stands on the strength of its songwriting.”

While so many other prominent artists have chosen to recreate their sound with various musical tech, Escondido opts to stick to basics. There’s something to be said of the power a grounded, simple melody can have on a person. Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash are obvious examples. Jessica Maros and Tyler James are doing their best to walk in those footsteps.

Hear it from them below.

Photography by Mary C. Fehr
Written by Sara Jane Overby
Into by Nathan Diehl

Sara Jane: So I have to ask, you guys are notorious for what’s…

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PHEASANTS’ “Levin’s Party”

PHEASANTS' "Levin's Party"

PHEASANTS –“Levin’s Party”

Treat yourself to the gorgeous, multi-layer melodies of “Levin’s Party,” the new music video from Pheasants. This unique, six-piece assemblage from New Orleans subtly excites with delicate flute, organ accents, and soft strings. The aesthetically pleasing imagery compliments the music to transport you to a springtime Blue Ridge Parkway drive donned in clothes straight out of a New Orleans version of The Great Gatsby. Don’t miss this party or the rest of their self-titled album. Songs like Garden Suite & Alabama Abraham give you a small taste of Pheasants’ versatility and potential.


You can find the Pheasants on Facebook, Instagram and Soundcloud.

Photo Credit: Vanessa Degrassi.

Alan Anderson- Piano/ Organ/ Farfis, Wayne Xia-Violin/ Percussion, Robert Allen- Guitar/ Vocalist, Adrienne Edson- Musical Saw/ Flute/ Banjo/ Tin Whistle, Adam Kiel- Drums/ Guitar/ Engineer, Benjamin London- Bass/ Sonic Noise

by: Sara Jane Overby

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Interview – The Revivalists, David Shaw

Interview - The Revivalists, David Shaw

David Shaw, Musician on a Mission

written by Sara Jane Overby :: above photo by Sam Allouche


My phone rang and on the other end I could hear the zipping-up of equipment, a man on the move. But his voice came through patient and courteous, and he politely gave me the heads up, “I have about 15 minutes before I get on the bus and it’s really loud.”

It took me a minute to get my bearings, because I had just taken a call from one of my favorite musicians. I was talking to The Revivalists’ front man, David Shaw. The Revivalists just performed at the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival where the Rocky Mountains served as the backdrop with Anders Osborne, Greg Allman, ZZ Top and a long list of others. They were now settling back into their home on wheels. Their next stop was Dallas. Then on to Austin. And on and on again, in relentless and tireless support of their latest album, Men Amongst Mountains  [read more…]

A Face In The Crowd: Sara Jane

A Face In The Crowd: Sara Jane

If you’re here, you know what we’re plugged into. But we want to know what YOU have in the headphones! That’s why we’re introducing A Face in the Crowd. At any given time we may pull a perfect stranger out of the crowd and ask what you are listening to. We’ll even mix it up from time to time and pick the brains of some of your favorite musicians. For this edition of A Face in the Crowd, Mother Plug Music welcomes: Sara Jane…

MPM: What’s your name?

SJ: Sara Jane Overby

MPM: What do you do Sara Jane?

SJ: I am a marketing specialist for a local ad agency here in Birmingham. And in my free-time I love to go to shows and I enjoy writing!

MPM: Where are you from?

SJ: I am from Montgomery, AL.

MPM: Did you grow up in a musical family or background?

MT: I grew up listening to music. My family is not the type that would pick up an instrument and actually know how to play it. But, we did have an appreciation for it. At a young age I became kind of enamored with musicians and actually my first boyfriend was a musician, or as much as you could be at 13.

MPM: And,…

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