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Artist Spotlight: Will Stewart

Artist Spotlight: Will Stewart
by Josh Matthews
photo: Wes Frazer

Declared as “one of the top 10 artists you must know in 2018,” by Rolling Stone Magazine, local musican Will Stewart exploded onto the music scene with his release County Seat on Cornelius Chapel Records. It just doesn’t feel that way in his home of Birmingham, AL, but that’s alright. Because Will prefers it that way. Since the release of County Seat, Will’s purchased a van. He’s toured a lot more. A whole heck of a lot more. And he wears a mustache. That’s also new. Everything else, though, is just business as usual. You may have seen Will perform recently at Seasick Records, Sloss Music & Art’s Festival or Secret Stages, but if you weren’t looking for him, his quiet and modest demeanor could easily give cause to missing him. But if you were listening, then you would understand why everyone who listens to Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton or Nathaniel Ratelief has County Seat in their record collection.

Here’s what was written recently about County Seat:

“Released in 2017, County Seat is a guitar-fueled Americana record, caught somewhere between the worlds of country and electrified rock. The songs are roomy and lush,  the result of an…

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