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Doug Gillard, Part II

Doug Gillard, Part II

It Has To Be GBV…

… and Doug ‘Doug-gle Duty’ Gillard Will Tell You Why

Part Two of our Doug ‘Bulldog Skin’ Gillard interview. For part one, click here.


By Andy Harris

AH: Me and a few friends caught GBV (Guided By Voices) in Nashville back in April, before you re-joined the lineup. I think the hardcore fans are happy to see you back in the band.

DG: Hehe.

AH: People drop in and out of the lineup on a pretty routine basis. How did you find yourself back in the fold this time?

DG: There was a vacancy that had just happened. It was unexpected. They needed someone to fill in for a show in Cincinnati and I had actually just seen them a couple days before that in Connecticut. I’ve been friends with everyone in the band for the whole time and I catch them when I can. So they asked me and I said “Sure.” I wasn’t doing anything that Friday night in Cincinnati and I could fill in. It was actually the night before the show that they found out.  I didn’t have much time to get ready but I said, “Sure, I’ll do the…

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