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Meet the electronic Queen of POWERS, Christa Ru accompanied by her King Mike Del Rio. Dynamic, versatile, pleasantly unique vocals, smoking guitar sounds that run parallel with their dance heavy beats. Mike and Crista took a few minutes to sit down and chat with Mother Plug just before their Hangout 2016 performance. POWERS is a kind and inspiring band who everyone should go and listen to!

Hey Guys!

Mike: Hey!

Crista: Hello- what’s up?

So this is your first time at Hangout much less in Alabama, what do you think so far?

Mike: Yes it is!

Crista: It is pretty awesome! This is probably the best first experience to have. I mean, there are tipi’s everywhere. There’s tents, hammocks and everyone is in their bathing suits having a good time.

Mike: It’s been good vibes all around. I guess it’s that southern hospitality is kind of radiating here at the festival.

Yea, there is definitely a lot going on. I’m so glad you guys are here and about to perform! But first, let me ask you- I read on twitter the airline lost your guitar. Have they found it yet?

Mike: No, it is not here yet.

Crista: Oh gosh, no they haven’t found it yet.

So what is the plan?

Mike: I…

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