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Avondale: Music’s Outdoor Destination

Avondale: Music's Outdoor Destination



The history of Avondale Brewing Company is undeniably linked with its current status as one of the hottest spots in Birmingham. You see this all across town with the presence of the beloved Miss Fancy, the beer-guzzling elephant that has become the mascot of ABC. Formerly serving as a post office, a firehouse, and a popular bar called the Long Branch Saloon, ABC has settled in to being one of the best places for drinks, live music, and a good time in all of Birmingham.

You can’t talk about ABC without talking about the incredible beers that are brewed on-site. Brewing started in 2010 at the Avondale site, and the ABC selection has grown into a nationally-acclaimed brand with favorites such as the Spring Street Saison and the Vanillaphant Porter. All of the beer is handcrafted and brewed in the back, with the taproom serving as the tasting area for patrons to sample newer, seasonal beers and the longtime favorites that are now sold across the country. ABC has everything a beer connoisseur could dream of — from the tropical… [read more…]