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Rayland Baxter, Oliver John Rodgers

Rayland Baxter, Oliver John Rodgers

Rayland Baxter

Songwriter Rayland Baxter is a dreamer, a very fine one, as a matter of fact. He is one of a misty-eyed gentlefolk seeking prosperity in a soul, in the soul.

Oliver John Rodgers

Crossing an extremely broad range of styles from indie-folk/blues/Americana to grunge/psychedelia/rock n’ roll, OJR blends a variety of classic influences (The Beatles; Pink Floyd; Dylan; Neil Young; Nirvana; Jack White, to name a few) with his own prolific songwriting ability and ear-catching southern vocal style. The result is a soul-scratching, polished lo-fi, modern homage to a vintage sound that’s completely unique and delivered with tons of swagger.

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