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Brothers Griiin, Official Flaming Lips After-Party

Brothers Griiin

You may recognize the Brothers Griiin as the fearless drumming duo behind The Flaming Lips, but after the show these international DJ destroyers bring the party to the people.

Matt Duckworth (Stardeath and White Dwarfs) and Nicholas Ley (Colourmusic) were friends as regulars in the Oklahoma music scene until they each got the call to join the Flaming Lips in early 2014. The plan was to alternate drumming duties for the Lips in between their other tours at first, but after a few shows with both drummers it was decided that the Lips would only play with the “Brothers”. Matt and Nick learned quickly how they complemented each other with acoustic and electronic drums but also how their ability to swap duties within the band and offer other musical options.

It was during the preparation for the Miley Cyrus and her Dead Petz tour that Matt and Nick realized there was another musical venture they’d like to tackle together. “These days, the rock bands at festivals end fairly early. And our club shows do too. For those of us in the band and crew who weren’t ready to pack it in for the night, we had limited…

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