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Null was formed in the DIY underground scene of Birmingham, Alabama from previous members of Coliseum, Holiness Church of The Valley, and Plate Six. The band plays their own brand of dark melodic music informed by repetitious and ominous post punk, yet presented with the crushing tonality of post metal. The clean and airy vocals add a psychedelic influence that serves as a unique signature atop the low end synth waves and fuzz tones. Their 2016 debut album Sleepwalking Days showcases the early formation of the band’s organic and vibed out sound, and sparked numerous tours, split releases and buzz around the band as a live unit.

Null’s new album Act of Love sees all the elements falling into place to form a unified vision. After two years of touring and writing, eight individual songs hit the tape machine and on the other side came an album that celebrates the creative mind and revels in the ambiguity of it’s influences. Songs like “Act of Love” and “Waste” push the band into a heavier domain while tracks like “Drift” and “Unburden” find Null more sprawling and textural than ever. The scope of sounds on this album recall a love of all…

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A disparate range of influences makes the blunt attack of Malevich notable. Smoldering sludge riffs ebb and flow with blast-beat intensity and searing vocals, as the group trudges through nihilist themes throughout their music. Hardcore punk fury collides with the starkness of black metal, in harsh blasts of reckoning.


Null’s music feels like an obscure ritual that would happen in a desert, or something you might hear far away as you explore a cave. It’s slow, dark, and brooding with a great sense of space and atmosphere.

Zero Effect

Zero Effect is a new hardcore punk in Birmingham. Their pummeling ferocity should find eager listeners fans for the genre.

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Pallbearer / Null / Hexxus


Pallbearer will unleash the most powerful and engaging chapter in their story thus far; Foundations of Burden – an auditory exploration that is sure to command even more acclaim for these Arkansas natives. Each song carries a weight of melancholic devastation that sees Pallbearer forging it’s own brilliantly desolate path through the realm of heavy metal, crafting music that seeks to balance itself at the very threshold of an unforgiving void.


Progressive Sludge Doom Metal from Birmingham/Cullman, AL.

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Step Pepper Turns 5

Step Pepper Turns 5

“Step Pepper Turns 5” will be featuring a total of 14 bands throughout the day sponsored by Good People and more…

Nowhere Squares
Omari Jazz
In Snow
Freaky Deakys
Yakuza Dance Mob
Cosmonaut on Vacation
Balcony View

Sponsored by…
Good People Brewing Co.
Seasick Records
Communicating Vessels
The Spring Street Firehouse
Substrate Radio
Pixie Ice Cream

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High Five Fest Four with Jesse Payne, Quadrajets and more…

Jesse Payne.
Buffalo. Harmony and balance. Purification observing the healing of vision. The grass of relations drains fast into the inheritance of borrowing. Let the Black Hills be approached with one mind, one heart, and as one people. A starting point. Stemming from mistakes and little victories. Carbon spinning with footprint control. Movement for progress. Rebuild and thrive from lessons woven delicately in our past. There is always a line. Instruct the merriment of symbolism to misplace the baggage of claims. For we are all connected to the Buffalo.

The Buffalo recordings take shape over the course of an extensive touring schedule and personal events unforeseen. We press on… Negatives become our twist. Situations in shift. Stacks of concrete bookend the prairies as time marches. But where? On is abstract.

Jesse Payne stems from a soil deep in the Southeastern region of the United States. He nests in scenic views of trees and mountains blending into valleys of skyscrapers and barns. Canvas for his yellow shade of timeless polaroids transposing over lake and swing suggests an inheritance of owls and their nocturnal solitude. His sound and sight each born from a landscape of heavy cotton hands and autumn chairs.


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