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The Hip Abduction’s David New on Songwriting, Sweetwater 420 Fest

The Hip Abduction's David New on Songwriting, Sweetwater 420 Fest

The Hip Abduction is an indie-synth band based out of St. Petersburg, Florida. They’ve been recording music and playing live gigs since 2011, while experimenting and exploring new sounds in the process. The Hip Abduction have devoted themselves to recasting the Reggae and West African musical heritage of the panhandle with modern synthetic overtones. They will perform their newest album, Gold Under the Glow at Sweetwater 420 Festival in Atlanta, happening April 21-23. 

By Nathan Dial

Photo Credit: Dylan Melcher

(MusicBham) Is it going to be a relief, after traveling up and down the East Coast, not to have to travel too far from the home base in Pensacola for Sweetwater Fest?

(guitarist/singer David New) Yeah, we haven’t toured much west of Colorado yet. We’ve got Sweetwater and then Tuckfest and then a month at home. So that’ll definitely be nice. We are very excited. 

I bet. How do you all feel about having a front-running spot at Sweetwater? What do you have planned for the day-one crowd?

That’s right! We’re the first band in the whole shebang, aren’t we? We’ve got a couple new songs and…

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