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Doug Gillard, Part II

Doug Gillard, Part II

It Has To Be GBV…

… and Doug ‘Doug-gle Duty’ Gillard Will Tell You Why

Part Two of our Doug ‘Bulldog Skin’ Gillard interview. For part one, click here.


By Andy Harris

AH: Me and a few friends caught GBV (Guided By Voices) in Nashville back in April, before you re-joined the lineup. I think the hardcore fans are happy to see you back in the band.

DG: Hehe.

AH: People drop in and out of the lineup on a pretty routine basis. How did you find yourself back in the fold this time?

DG: There was a vacancy that had just happened. It was unexpected. They needed someone to fill in for a show in Cincinnati and I had actually just seen them a couple days before that in Connecticut. I’ve been friends with everyone in the band for the whole time and I catch them when I can. So they asked me and I said “Sure.” I wasn’t doing anything that Friday night in Cincinnati and I could fill in. It was actually the night before the show that they found out.  I didn’t have much time to get ready but I said, “Sure, I’ll do the…

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Nada Surf

Nada Surf

Having recorded five albums in 10 years and toured extensively in support of all of them, Nada Surf opted to follow 2012’s cracking The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy with a brief but well-earned hiatus. So in January 2015, when Caws informed Nada Surf’s vociferous Facebook following that a new record was just about done, the news was greeted with explosive enthusiasm. The music was in the can, he announced, and all that remained was to finish up a few lyrics and sing a few vocals; something he planned to do on off-days off during an upcoming solo acoustic tour. Caws even included a photo of the recording set-up he was bringing in the car.
“I was so eager to have an album done that I believed in it as it was,” Caws recalls. “But the great thing about being ‘finished’ is that you can take a breath and evaluate, because the pressure to ‘do it’ is gone. The more I listened and thought about it, the more I realized that I might want to keep working. Also, I’d sent the tracks to my friend Josh, who runs Barsuk Records, the label we’ve been on since 2002, and he said…

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Interview – Doug Gillard, Part I

Interview - Doug Gillard, Part I

He’s In Two Bands, He’s Popular

Doug Gillard, modern guitar legend, to play Saturn twice this fall.



By Andy Harris

lsjiduYou don’t have to look or listen too hard to find the sound of this man’s guitar. Perhaps you’ve heard it on an episode of Scrubs. Or maybe you’ve heard it on video games such as NCAA Football 06. Certainly you’ve heard it on quite a few recordings from Guided By Voices, Cobra Verde, Death of Samantha, numerous Robert Pollard side projects, and even on his solo albums where he plays under the name Doug Gillard. That’s right. His name is Doug Gillard and he is a modern guitar legend.

Gillard currently plays lead in two bands, Nada Surf and Guided By Voices (GBV from now on), that will be appearing at Saturn in October and November. New releases are out by both bands, with more on the way soon. We skyped in with Doug on a beautiful Monday afternoon. Here’s part one of our interview. Part two will come out leading up to the GBV show:

Doug Gillard: Hello?

Andy Harris: Hey Doug. It’s Andy.

DG: Hey, how’s it going Andy?

AH: Alright, man. How about yourself?

DG: Good.

AH: Cool. Well thanks for taking my…

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