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Citizen Cope




In a recording career spanning more than 25 years, CITIZEN COPE (born Clarence Greenwood) has blended soul, folk and rock into a unique style of his own. Along the way, his songs have been recorded by a diverse list of artists including Santana, Dido, Brett Dennen, and Richie Havens. In March, Cope released Heroin and Helicopters , his first release since 2012. The album’s title alludes to advice he received from Carlos Santana that heroin and helicopters are two things that don’t mix well with musicians. On WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, Citizen Cope will perform at IRON CITY in a show presented by Birmingham Mountain Radio. Recently, he spoke with us by phone from his Los Angeles home. 

Thanks for your time. With several albums in your catalog, how are you comprising setlists for the current tour?

What’s weird about my audience is it’s not a passive audience. They listen to all the records, so I usually end up playing a long time…. [read more…]

A Conversation with Preston Lovinggood

A Conversation with Preston Lovinggood

By Brent Thompson

Photo: Jay Gunning

Preston Lovinggoodsage and appearance belie the fact that he is a such a seasoned music veteran. The singer/songwriter – and former frontman of Wild Sweet Orange – has been a staple on the Birmingham music scene (and beyond) for over a decade. On May 17, Lovinggood released Consequences, an 11-track collection that continues to mine a unique folk/pop blend that has become his trademark. On Saturday, June 22, Lovinggood will perform at WorkPlay in a show presented by Code-R Productions. Recently, he spoke with us by phone from his Birmingham home. 

Preston, thanks for your time. We are excited about the release of Consequences.

You saying that right then almost was like the first time I realized it was actually happening because I’ve had the record for so long and everybody on the team has talked about it so much. So, to hear somebody say it objectively that’s not part of the team is like, “Oh my gosh, it really is coming out.” I got nervous!  

How did the album’s material take shape?