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Interview – Mike Taylor

Mike Taylor of Hiss Golden Messenger

If you’re here, you know what we’re plugged into. But we want to know what YOU have in the headphones! That’s why we’re introducing A Face in the Crowd. At any given time we may pull a perfect stranger out of the crowd and ask what you are listening to. We’ll even mix it up from time to time and pick the brains of some of your favorite musicians. For this edition of A Face in the Crowd, Mother Plug Music welcomes: Mike Taylor!

MPM: What’s your name?

MT: My name’s Mike Taylor. I go by MC Taylor.

MPM: What do you do Mike?

MT: I’m a musician! I play with a band called Hiss Golden Messenger from Durham, North Carolina.

MPM: You’re from Durham?

MT: I’m from Durham by way of California. I grew up in southern California, I lived in San Francisco for 10 years and I moved to the Piedmont section of North Carolina in 2007.

MPM: Did you grow up in a musical family or background?

MT: I did, actually. My father is a guitar player and singer. Not professionally. Both of my parents are, were public school teachers, but my dad always had a guitar out and around, so you know, that’s also where I…

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