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Interview – Adia Victoria

Interview - Adia Victoria

An Interview with Adia Victoria

Words by Lindsay McDuffie
Photography by Darrell Nance

Standing around The Syndicate Lounge, I could hear Adia Victoria before I could see her. She talked loud and quick, sometimes in exaggerated Southern twang, sometimes in exaggerated Ghetto-speak. “I’m such a Black girl,” she added after one such occurrence. Draped in a zip-up white moo-moo, a sleek honey-brown wig, her steps accented by yellow Converse, Adia (Uh-DEE-uh) pulled her guitar over her shoulders for soundcheck. Cue “Smells Like Teen Spirit”–after, of course, dialing in a few originals.

She stopped, smiled, looked up from her guitar, joked about playing the next song. “Like uh, with Grateful Dead pedals!” she said, with exaggerated gestures. The guitarist next to her, Mason Hickman, tapped his foot across his board, began playing wah-wah sounds à la Jerry Garcia. Having played two of my favorite bands consecutively, two that had no earthly business being played consecutively, all I could think about while reviewing my questions was, “Try not to gush. Try not to gush.”

“Hey, are you Lindsay?”

Try not to gush.  “Yes.”

“Hey, I’m Adia,” she said with an outstretched hand. “Are you ready?”

“Yes! Let’s go back to the greenroom.”


Welcome to Birmingham!

Thank you!

The last…

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