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Matt Bennett

I grew up in Kennesaw, GA and spent most of my life pursuing my passion for baseball. Baseball lead to Birmingham, AL via Samford University and it is here where the real story begins. I have always been musical (I get it from my mother), but it always took a backseat to baseball. When my baseball career ended I came back to country music permanently. The very first show i ever played was in the back of a pickup truck in a field lighted by Christmas lights, shop lights, and a bonfire. It was a huge success, and launched me into the Birmingham music scene along with the help of some great friends and Birmingham music veterans. My shows have taken me all over Alabama and became even larger after I began mixing in original music. Growing up listening to the country greats from Georgia like Travis Tritt and Alan Jackson as well as the new Georgia country surge from people like Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Zac Brown, and Florida Georgia Line gives me a unique sound that reflects the new rock country sound while still showing the classic down home honesty that is country music.

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