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Vaski w/ Marly Carroll

Vaski. “The Minneapolis-based producer who calls himself Vaski has made a name for himself on the strength of his bass-heavy productions, which are so massive that they shake building foundations and are guaranteed to rattle your brain piece. Drawing influence from sounds ranging from screamo, metalcore, and hip-hop, he’s put down a slew of killer releases on the Rottun Recordings label, which belongs to another heavy bass maestro, Excision. However, it seems like our boy Vaski is now looking to evolve his sound and extend his reach to even more listeners, all of which are thirsty for their daily dose of lowend wobbles.

He’s found a new home on 12th Planet’s iconic SMOG Records, and now Vaski’s gearing up to release his Explorer EP on the 25th of this month. This latest progression finds the young stunna exploring electro-house sounds while maintaining the hardcore grit he cut his teeth on. Now you can get a tasty sneak peek of his newest release with a stream of one of the EP’s standout tracks, “The Nile.” This track might be a short one, but it’s still a wild ride of half-step, brain scrambling goodness.” – Thump/Vice

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