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Ready for Local Explosion

By Rebecca Scott

Photo by Josh Matthews

The Information Age has been proof positive that the adage “too much of a good thing” is accurate, and this is especially ubiquitous in the ways we listen to and filter our music. We just want to listen to what the cool kids are listening to – music that’s fresh, soulful, and relevant. Well, if you live in Birmingham, it doesn’t get much more relevant than the music that’s being written, performed, and even produced right here, locally. And that’s what Local Mash is serving up. They’re the cool kids, and every week they let the rest of us listen in on their playlist. 

Local Mash, co-hosted by Brad Lyons and Daniel Long, airs weekly on Birmingham Mountain Radio on Sunday nights from 7-9 pm. For an hour and a half, Lyons and Long showcase regional music, music written and performed by Alabama artists, most of whom live and work in Birmingham. This bastion of local talent has two formats; the first is long sets of music curated and arranged by Lyons and… [read more…]