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Preview – Los Colognes

Preview - Los Colognes

Los Colognes just released their third studio album, The Wave, via Big Deal Media/Thirty Tigers. They open up for Hard Working Americans tonight, October 6, at Iron City.

Though The Wave is steeped in a throwback pop/rock sound, the band has some serious Americana chops as they’ve backed up Margo Price, Rayland Baxter, Caitlin Rose, Nikki Lane, Jonny Fritz, Andrew Combs, Erin Rae and more.

One of the highest and rarest aspirations in popular music is to reach for the transcendental, to access the spirit. On The Wave, Los Colognes succeeds at this – in breaking through the confines of everyday pop song lyricism to tell a holistic story. It’s not a concept piece, but it’s a brooding and joyful song cycle filled with philosophical rumination, effortlessss hooks, inspiring musicianship, and expansive arrangements. It’s an album perfectly suited of the current zeitgeist of unease and hope. -Brett Loeb

So far the album’s been praised by StereogumRelixObserver, Culture CollideTeam Coco and Consequence of Sound, who called their song “Unspoken,” an Americana slow-burner like The War on Drugs sans the hazy psychedelia, calming even as it beckons you to actively…

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