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16 Alabama Bands Travel to SXSW

16 Alabama Bands Travel to SXSW

The Yellowhammer State has a lot to be proud of–most notably, our musicians. There’s something in the water here, frequently credited to muses cooing from the Singing River in Muscle Shoals, the historic town where modern American music began. Now, we all get to take a drink.

Sixteen Alabama bands are travelling to Austin, Texas, in March to play officially and/or unofficially during SXSW Music Festival.  Read below for schedules and recent news from each band/artist.

1960’s garage rock n’ roll with country swagger and powerful Joplin-esque vocals, Banditos turn their energy dials up to “11” every damn show. Split between Nashville and Birmingham, they are finishing work on a new album, set to release this summer.

3/15 – evening @ Continental Club – Bloodshot Records Showcase
3/16 – Noon @ The Blackheart
3/16 – 4 PM @ Waller Creek Pub
3/17 – 2 PM @ Plum Creek Sound
3/17 – afternoon @ Yard Dog – Bloodshot Records day party

Belle Adair
This Florence-based band has received accolades from numerous critical outlets, including NPR Music, Paste, and Spin. Belle Adair’s records play like a comfortable forty-five minute dream, sweeping you into pop-inspired ambient instrumentals that are anchored by the acoustic roots from which…

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The Bright Light Social Hour

The Bright Light Social Hour

The Bright Light Social Hour played to a packed Shed Stage at Sloss Fest this past July. Loud, high-energy, space-rock anthems were peppered with reminders to love each other, leaving an impact only certain kinds of rock shows can offer. Read our interview below to get a feel for the dudes that made it all happen.

Words by Lindsay McDuffie
Photos by Darrell Nance

Hey guys! We seem to share an enthusiasm for space, so let me ask you, what’s your name, astrological sign, and how do you contribute to the band?

I’m Curtis, I’m a Scorpio, and I play guitar and sing.

Jack, I’m a Cancer, I play bass and sing.

I’m Edward, I’m a Cancer, and I make coffee. Sometimes play keyboards.

I’m Joe. I’m a non-practicing Capricorn, and I play drums and do a lot of studio stuff.

Well, welcome to Birmingham! Being the home of Sun Ra, we also think “Space is Still the Place,”—which is the name of y’alls new, really freakin’ cool album. It gets better and better every time I listen to it.

 Thank you.

I wanted to start by asking about the second line on that album: “The weight of weightless faces faces straight.” That’s a great line. Who writes the lyrics?

 That was Jack’s…

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Pop-up concert host, Cause A Scene debuts in Birmingham

Pop-up concert host, Cause A Scene debuts in Birmingham

Cause A Scene Announces Nationwide Tour


NASHVILLE, TN– Cause A Scene, cultivator of community and curator of quality music by way of intimate concerts in non-traditional locations, announces its first nationwide tour this summer. Featuring Joshua James and Timmy the Teeth, the tour will begin July 1 and will include 35 cities across the U.S. Cause A Scene will team up with friends and local businesses to cultivate an experience unique to the culture of each city, including apparel companies, coffee shops, menswear shops, coworking spaces, house shows and a law firm’s office.

We believe something powerful happens at the intersection of music, creativity and community,” says Larry Kloess, founder of Cause A Scene. “Where people are able to gather together to discover something really beautiful, they are drawn closer through the shared experience of being a part of something bigger than themselves. This tour will bring that experience to cities all over the United States and we’re excited to see what happens in each community. We’ve been fortunate to host around 700 incredible artists over the past four years in Nashville, and are thrilled to be partnering with two alums, Joshua James and Timmy…

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Stoop Kids sound is an eclectic mix of soul, hip-hop, surf, jazz, and rock with a psychedelic aftertaste. This, combined with their high-energy, theatrical performances, makes Stoop Kids unique and unpredictable. While based in New Orleans, the band has toured extensively throughout the eastern United States over the past two years and plan to expand upon that. Their sophomore album, Already Out of Time was described as “a genre-bending masterpiece” and “an essential album of 2015.”

The group is fronted by Griffin Dean singing, rapping, dancing, playing guitar, and writing the majority of the music. He is backed by Thomas Eisenhood (Baritone Saxophone, Harmonies), Sam Fruend (Bass, Harmonies), David Paternostro (Keys, Guitar) and Joe Tontillo (Drums). The five-piece band has independently released two albums and self-booked 200 shows over the three years since their inception.

Get hip to Stoop Kids with the tried-and-true Already Out of Time, followed by their 2016 release “Quit You”. Check back here for easy access to their newest single, set to release this Friday, July 1st!

Stoop Kids on Spotify / Facebook / Instagram / Twitter

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Interview – Adia Victoria

Interview - Adia Victoria

An Interview with Adia Victoria

Words by Lindsay McDuffie
Photography by Darrell Nance

Standing around The Syndicate Lounge, I could hear Adia Victoria before I could see her. She talked loud and quick, sometimes in exaggerated Southern twang, sometimes in exaggerated Ghetto-speak. “I’m such a Black girl,” she added after one such occurrence. Draped in a zip-up white moo-moo, a sleek honey-brown wig, her steps accented by yellow Converse, Adia (Uh-DEE-uh) pulled her guitar over her shoulders for soundcheck. Cue “Smells Like Teen Spirit”–after, of course, dialing in a few originals.

She stopped, smiled, looked up from her guitar, joked about playing the next song. “Like uh, with Grateful Dead pedals!” she said, with exaggerated gestures. The guitarist next to her, Mason Hickman, tapped his foot across his board, began playing wah-wah sounds à la Jerry Garcia. Having played two of my favorite bands consecutively, two that had no earthly business being played consecutively, all I could think about while reviewing my questions was, “Try not to gush. Try not to gush.”

“Hey, are you Lindsay?”

Try not to gush.  “Yes.”

“Hey, I’m Adia,” she said with an outstretched hand. “Are you ready?”

“Yes! Let’s go back to the greenroom.”


Welcome to Birmingham!

Thank you!

The last…

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Interview – Mothers

Interview - Mothers

Mothers: Nurturers of Process

By Lindsay McDuffie

Mothers, from left to right: Drew Kirby—guitar; Kristine Leschper—vocals, guitar; Matt Andereggdrums; Patrick  Morales—bass (Photo by Secret Playground) 

Record Store Day 2016 was a busy one for Birmingham. Athens-based Mothers came to town, so talented our city booked them twice: once at Seasick Records, once at The Syndicate Lounge later that evening. Standing up to critical acclaim from Stereogum, Brooklyn Vegan, and Consequence of Sound, Mothers began as a solo project of Kristine Leschper and has since evolved into a four-piece, playing together for only a year and a half–a small amount of time for their level of artistry.

Mothers’ debut album, When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired swells with feeling and precise instrumentation. Existential lyrics, somber vocals, and languid melodies transition into rousing, though altogether brief, experimental/indie-rock jams. A quick denouement–and it’s back to “the way things were.” When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired reincarnates every step of the way, endearing listeners to the wearier sides of life and, at the same time, encouraging us to maybe get out of bed before the sun goes down.

We got a chance to hang out with the band, ask…

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Adia Victoria

Adia Victoria

Influenced by Kurt Cobain, Miles Davis, and Fiona Apple, Adia Victoria‘s unapologetic search for self-expression is both critical and clear of normative Nashville tropes. She resets expectations for Black girls with guitars, writing dark-humored lyrics that scrape her own self-awareness against gritty gothic-blues guitar riffs. Balanced out with the inherent honesty of Appalachian twang, Adia’s voice glides with words of coarse reflection, gentle coos thick with swampy rebellion.

Rolling Stone Magazine featured Adia Victoria as one of “10 New Artists You Need to Know.” The Village Voice called her an “eerie, intriguing songwriter,” with “bone chilling guitar riffs and lyrics topped with candid scorn.” Vogue highlighted the recording artist as one of “5 Beauties Who Answer to Afropunk’s Rebellious Call.”

Adia Victoria will perform at The Syndicate Lounge with Dead Balloons and New Devils Friday, May 27th. You do not want to miss it. This New Music Monday features Adia Victoria’s Sea of Sand EP, a slice of her debut LP, Beyond the Bloodhounds, released May 13th.

Adia Victoria on Facebook

Adia Victoria on Twitter

Adia Victoria on Spotify


-Lindsay McDuffie

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New Music Monday – Spaceface

New Music Monday - Spaceface

Entering our atmosphere from the far-out realms of Memphis, Tennessee, Spaceface brings with them psychedelic rock n’ roll set against an enveloping light show experience. Spaced-out keys, glam-pop accents, deep and dizzying jams, and tripped-out lyrics show us their intergalactic mission: Spaceface came to party.

Frontman Jake Ingalls currently plays floorsynth and guitar for psych-rock juggernauts The Flaming Lips, having also toured with Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz. Inspired by the Lips and their frontman, Wayne Coyne, since he was a kid, Ingalls adopts a similar style for Spaceface, putting on concerts “more DIY than the Lips’ live show,” he recently commented on May 8th’s interview with The Audiovore on Birmingham Mountain Radio.

A must-see show is happening this Thursday, May 12, at Trim Tab Brewing: The Audiovore Presents “Spread Your Head” feat. Spaceface, with \\GT// and Future Primitives. This New Music Monday features a PREMIERE of three never-before-heard tracks from their upcoming album. Joining the mix we have their 2014 EP, available below, for your worthy earthen ears.

Keep your earthen eyes peeled to our Instagram account. All this week, we’ll be giving away two pairs of tickets to the show as well as two holographic posters of the official concert…

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The Old Paints

The Old Paints


The Old Paints rock hard, they jam a little country, they ebb toward the psychedelic sea. It all works, together, as a self-professed pure-pop, rock n’ roll, country-folk-jangle trio from right here in Birmingham, Alabama. Andy Harris, resident twang master on guitar and vocals, also crafts posters and zines for the band and other outlets, such as Birmingham Zine Fest. Drummer Breely Flower’s voice sounds like an angel who just discovered cigarettes, her percussion skills lifting her up and out of innocence. Breely recently won Girls Rock Birmingham‘s songwriting contest, earning studio time at Communicating Vessels and airtime on Birmingham Mountain Radio. Bassist Joel Nelson keeps it calm, cool and collected, playing on and off again with the band but hopefully settling in as a more permanent member.

The Old Paints get their title from what cowboys sometimes named their horse (“Old Paint”) in Country Western songs and movies of days past. Dialing into this persona, The Old Paints take you for a ride, carrying you into lonesome sunsets via gallop-worthy riffs and grooves. 

Catch a cool breeze between your fingers and the reigns with the endlessly catchy “What Did Rock & Roll Ever Do…

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Featured Video

Featured Video

Paper Nolassnaym — “Sacrilegious”


This Southern lyricist was born and raised in the iconic Birmingham, Alabama. Paper Nolassnaym (pronounced like “no last name”) spends most of his time locked inside his recording studio located right off Highway 78. Son of a local R&B legend, his musical background is indebted to his father. Known for his urbanely fancy style and elusive word play, this young emcee will definitely leave a mark on the Hip Hop genre.

Paper Nolassnaym has a few options for your musical discovery. In addition to the albums Nolassnaym Nights and Pistol PetePaper is currently working on an EP with Alabama musician Luke S. Crowder, soon to be released.

Mash that Play button below to slip into the Southern-molasses stylings of “Sacrilegious”.  Continue with the kung-fu worthy “Nolassnaym Nights” here. Paper will perform live this Friday, March 25 at Merienda Lounge. Don’t miss this artist on the rise.

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