KLUB Monsta
Hailing from Birmingham Alabama just a group of young men trying to formulate good music over great production from a talented core of refreshing producers.

Love Moor
Love Moor is a powerful NeoSoul artist who builds beautifully crafted, revealing songs that revolve around themes of sexuality, nostalgia, abandonment, and self love. Her music is infused with R&B and Hip Hop overtones and often references New Jazz and her island roots. Her freshman album Blu Polka Dots built her a strong following and her recently released sophomore project Simp Girl followed up, building on her acclaim in her hometown of Birmingham, AL and beyond, garnering radio play and media coverage nationally and internationally.
Love Moor has performed in concert in support of such acts as H.E.R., Dessa, R.LUM.R., Amasa Hines, Mega Ran, Nnamdi Ogbonnaya and has performed alongside Sammus, The New Respects, Boyfriend, and Lando Chill among others. With SxSW, Southsounds, and Secret Stages Festival already under her belt, she is scheduled to be featured at SLOSSfest later this year. Aside from being the featured artist on Spectrasonic Sound Sessions and Birmingham Mountain Radio for February this year, she was recently listed in NPR’s Austin 100 – “100 songs (which) highlight the…

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