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“Amplify Humanity”: Ahmad Farzad & King of the Jungle Productions, Part I of II

"Amplify Humanity": Ahmad Farzad & King of the Jungle Productions, Part I of II

Farzad with The Burning Peppermints at Saturn Birmingham. Photo courtesy of Ellen Berryhill.


By Lindsay McDuffie

If you’ve spent considerable time in Birmingham’s music scene, you might recognize Ahmad Farzad’s man bun towering above a black leather jacket, or possibly a cotton white tee with “Truth = Beauty” written across the front in permanent marker. Ahmad (pronounced uh-MOD or, by his Persian family, AH-mad) is a Birmingham native, bassist for The Burning Peppermints and King Magnum, and owner of King of the Jungle Productions (KJP), where he records, mixes, and masters performances from some of the Southeast’s finest musicians. My interview with him far exceeds the space of a single write-up, so we’ll first discuss Ahmad’s role as music producer. In part two of this interview, we’ll discuss his role as music maker.


What are your current projects at KJP?

The new Peppermints album, Taylor Hollingsworth, Taylor Shaw, Dead Balloons, Elliot aka Meridian. All of these acts are Birmingham people who I think are super talented, uniquely talented. So I’m super pumped to work with them.


What’s the process you go through, in your mind, when you…

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