Kip Moore Archive

Kip Moore with special guest Jon Pardi

Over the last couple of years, Kip Moore spent most of his time on the road, building one of country music’s most loyal audiences show by show and plotting what would become his sophomore album, Wild Ones. He was a road warrior, living out of a tour bus with his bandmates and playing more than 200 shows per year. For a songwriter who’d grown up in a quiet pocket of southern Georgia, performing to crowds across the world— crowds that knew every word to his best-selling debut album, Up All Night— felt like a dream come true.
Somewhere along the way, though, the highway became a lonely place. The routine was always the same: pull into town, play a show, pack up and leave. There was no stability, no comfort. Things weren’t much easier at home in Nashville, where Moore— whose first album had sent three songs to the top of the country charts, including “Beer Money” and “Hey Pretty Girl”— found himself receiving plenty of unsolicited advice from people who wanted to keep the hits coming… at any cost.
“Once you start having a little bit…

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