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An Interview with Ahmad Farzad, Part II of II

An Interview with Ahmad Farzad, Part II of II

Farzad with The Burning Peppermints, photo courtesy of Dez Wilson


By Lindsay McDuffie

Intense passion compels the best musicians. We see it every day–Alabama has a fire in its belly. One band, The Burning Peppermints, has forged ahead as a cardinal element in Birmingham’s alchemical music scene. Ahmad Farzad is one such wizard, playing baritone guitar for the Peppermints, producing quality records at his own recording studio, King of the Jungle Productions (KJP), and sharing his gracious attitude and learned experience with those who stand in his light.

But it’s not magic–it’s hard work. It’s regret. It’s redemption. In part one of this interview, we discussed Ahmad’s role as a record producer.  In part two of this interview, featured below, we discuss his role as a musician, and the unending passion it took to become one of the best.

The Peppermints are playing Sloss Fest this year. How are you and the guys preparing for this opportunity? 

Honestly, we’re working just as hard as we’ve worked when Sloss Fest wasn’t on the bill, when St. Paul and the Broken Bones wasn’t on our schedule. That’s pretty much our game plan; just keep doing what we’ve been doing, being as critical on ourselves as we usually are. But also, don’t change shit, make…

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