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The Brook and The Bluff

The Brook and The Bluff

The Brook and The Bluff

Some things in this world exist without any evidence and without anyone taking notice. Feelings of ambiguity, turmoil and loneliness are mostly invisible but as real as any place. So let’s imagine such a place where you are free from those things. Let’s imagine a place that feels like home. Not the home you knew as a child, but a new home, the place where you’re supposed to be. You are at peace in this place. It’s so tangible that you can describe it. It’s in the woods, among the trees, far from the noise out there. It’s between a brook, whose waters carry sounds like soul from Muscle Shoals, and a bluff, whose echoes carry the applause of dancing leaves. This is the place in which you are called to come and play. This is where you belong.

Such a place exists for Mountain Brook’s Alec Bolton and Bluff Park’s Joe Settine. The acoustic neo-soul duo, The Brook and the Bluff, has found a home in music since returning to Birmingham after graduating from college in 2015. They first collaborated musically at Auburn University performing “songs you didn’t know you…

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Kansas Bible Co. “The Road to Austin City Limits”

Kansas Bible Co. "The Road to Austin City Limits"

Help Kansas Bible Company travel the road to Austin City Limits! They’re stopping by Avondale Brewing on Tuesday, Oct. 6 at 7pm and WE’RE going to help them get on down the road! Bring some cash, pay what you wish and join in on this memorable pop-up concert! All the proceeds goes towards sending these cats on their way to Austin City Limits and in support of their new album, Paper Moon available this fall!

Kansas Bible Company is a brotherhood of eleven musicians on “The Road to Austin City Limits,” to support their upcoming album, Paper Moon. Pulling from different psychedelic stylings throughout time, KBC creates a strong and eclectic musical energy. The sound is layered with horns, percussion and guitars from all eleven people. Their musical foundation is built on constant collaboration and the diversity of each person’s tastes, experiences and travels. The band is collectively from all over the United States but reside in Nashville, TN.

Bandcamp (latest music): kbco.bandcamp.com
Festivals Played recently:
  • Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival – Manchester, TN (2014)
  • Austin City Limits Festival – Austin, TX (Oct 9th 2015)
  • God Save the Queen City – Charlotte, NC
  • U.S. National Whitewater Center 4th of July – Charlotte, NC
  • Volapalooza – Knoxville, TN
  • Purple Hatter’s Ball – Live Oak,…
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