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The Jesus of Cool comes to save Birmingham

By Andy Harris

You might know him as the Jesus of Cool. The Basher. Punkier and Prouder Than Previous, he’s the Patriarchal Proto Papa Prince of Pure Pink Pub Pop. He married June Carter Cash’s daughter, Carlene, and went on to write songs that Johnny Cash recorded. He gave the world its first Rick Roll in 1990 with the song and video for “All Men Are Liars.” He produced or co-produced Elvis Costello’s first seven albums. He’s been making Americans squirm for over forty years. It’s slimy and slippery, but it feels so right! He’s The Abominable Showman. He’s Nick Lowe and he’s the best classic songwriter on the planet. As the world’s greatest, Lowe has decided to leave the band at home for the winter and bring his Party of One to the BJCC Forum Theater on October 21st. An evening of the old magic is guaranteed.

I caught up with Nick Lowe via Skype phone call. He was just chilling at home in London, spending the evening talking to a lot of press bozos.

“I was just talking to a lady who’s writing a book,” says Lowe,

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