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Editor’s Letter

Editor's Letter

When I first moved to Birmingham 15 years ago, I struggled to find local artists performing original music. If it wasn’t for Bottletree and their ability to curate local, regional, and national attractions, I probably would have moved on. Much has changed in that time. There are over twenty venues here that regularly feature original local, regional and national acts. We’ve entered a renaissance here, but where our economy, politics, and our culinary scene have been adequately covered, our music scene has not. The quality of original musicianship, in addition to the collaborative relationships and support system here, is outstanding, and our local music scene deserves recognition. This is why MusicBham is devoting three quarters of our content to local musicians, local music businesses, and local music industry leaders. 

More than any other art form, music amplifies the human experience and unifies people, and we believe that is worth sharing! The strength of our music scene is built on a culmination of many different individuals and organizations over many years of hard work and dedication, fueled by one elemental thing that we all have in common: our passion for music and the way that… [read more…]

Artist Spotlight: Will Stewart

Artist Spotlight: Will Stewart
by Josh Matthews
photo: Wes Frazer

Declared as “one of the top 10 artists you must know in 2018,” by Rolling Stone Magazine, local musican Will Stewart exploded onto the music scene with his release County Seat on Cornelius Chapel Records. It just doesn’t feel that way in his home of Birmingham, AL, but that’s alright. Because Will prefers it that way. Since the release of County Seat, Will’s purchased a van. He’s toured a lot more. A whole heck of a lot more. And he wears a mustache. That’s also new. Everything else, though, is just business as usual. You may have seen Will perform recently at Seasick Records, Sloss Music & Art’s Festival or Secret Stages, but if you weren’t looking for him, his quiet and modest demeanor could easily give cause to missing him. But if you were listening, then you would understand why everyone who listens to Jason Isbell, Chris Stapleton or Nathaniel Ratelief has County Seat in their record collection.

Here’s what was written recently about County Seat:

“Released in 2017, County Seat is a guitar-fueled Americana record, caught somewhere between the worlds of country and electrified rock. The songs are roomy and lush,  the result of an…

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Interview – The Revivalists, David Shaw

Interview - The Revivalists, David Shaw

David Shaw, Musician on a Mission

written by Sara Jane Overby :: above photo by Sam Allouche


My phone rang and on the other end I could hear the zipping-up of equipment, a man on the move. But his voice came through patient and courteous, and he politely gave me the heads up, “I have about 15 minutes before I get on the bus and it’s really loud.”

It took me a minute to get my bearings, because I had just taken a call from one of my favorite musicians. I was talking to The Revivalists’ front man, David Shaw. The Revivalists just performed at the Telluride Blues and Brews Festival where the Rocky Mountains served as the backdrop with Anders Osborne, Greg Allman, ZZ Top and a long list of others. They were now settling back into their home on wheels. Their next stop was Dallas. Then on to Austin. And on and on again, in relentless and tireless support of their latest album, Men Amongst Mountains  [read more…]

A Face In The Crowd: Alec Bolton

A Face In The Crowd: Alec Bolton

If you’re here, you know what we’re plugged into. But we want to know what YOU have in the headphones! That’s why we’re introducing A Face in the Crowd. At any given time we may pull a perfect stranger out of the crowd and ask what you are listening to. We’ll even mix it up from time to time and pick the brains of some of your favorite musicians. For this edition of A Face in the Crowd, Mother Plug Music welcomes: Alec Bolton…

What is your name?

Alec Bolton


What is your occupation?

As of right now, I’m a musician. I play guitar and sing in an acoustic duo called The Brook and the Bluff. I also play lead guitar (and sometimes bass) with a couple of different groups from time to time.


Where are you from?

Mountain Brook, AL


Did you grow up in a musical family, with a musical background, or with a musical influence?

Yes, my family was pretty musical. My three sisters can all sing, but my dad can play just about any instrument. He taught me how to play drums, guitar, and piano when I was growing up. His dad is a jazz pianist and cello player, so it definitely runs in the family.



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