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John Paul White is a singer/songwriter and Grammy winning musician. He is currently producing projects for Single Lock Records, a label he co-founded, in Florence, Alabama.


The Secret Sisters

The Secret Sisters initiate many new traditions on their second full-length album, Put Your Needle Down —produced by the legendary T Bone Burnett. The duo of Laura and Lydia Rogers has certainly come a long way from their critically acclaimed 2010 self-titled debut and an even longer way from their childhood in Florence, Alabama—just outside of the legendary music mecca Muscle Shoals. Embracing a myriad of styles and focusing on songwriting this time around, their growth becomes evinced within both the music and the title.


“Put Your Needle Down is symbolic of many different things,” affirms Lydia. “There’s a rebirth of the vinyl trend going on, but it really represents the fact that we’re not little girls anymore. We want to put the needle down. Our mom isn’t still sewing our clothes. We’re doing our own thing.”


In order to fully realize their identity, the girls immersed themselves in songwriting almost as soon as their first offering hit the…

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