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Founded in the summer of 2011 in Phoenix, Arizona, Indie/Fork artist Jared & The Mill have quickly gained traction in the music scene for their unique brand of country infused folk pop. Their debut album, Western Expansion was released in the fall of 2013 and was met with criticalacclaim, spawning several singles that have become fan favorites including: Breathe Me In, and Love to be Found. In 2015, they are scheduled to release Life We Chose, an EP they are currently recording in Los Angeles with renowned producer Tony Berg . Of the new EP they share, “touring the county and becoming dramatically closer as friends and musicians has molded the way we write about things. Those miles changed our music and our souls, and it has made our bond even stronger. Life gives to you and it takes from you, and we have written about the give and take. We’ve written about those sweet things and those bitter things, and that struggle to stay the course and try your best to carve yourself into a good man. We are also writing about our desert home,…

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