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Ghost Eagle

Ghost Eagle is a high energy, Appalachian rooted trio consisting of drums, telecaster and filthy, amplified harmonica. Front man Spencer Mckenna has been at the helm of several east coast touring bands (GrassMonkey and Welcome to Hoonah) and brings his authentic southern character to full light in this stripped down incarnation. Playing without a bassist has allowed the opportunity for the role of soloist to be shared with amplified harmonica player, Robby Carden. Robby has preformed multiple times with such acts as Dangermuffin, Yarn, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, the Peoples Blues of Richmond, Larry and his Flask and many more. Drummer, John Trent brings his Latin and punk rock backbone to keep energy at its peak. Although soft spoken gentleman offstage, live performances offer the opportunity to exhale the daily struggle and invoke the moonshine infused, front porch party that we have all come to embrace. Looking to support our newest album and reach new crowds.


Indie, Psyche Pop, Energetic Rock from Birmingham, Alabama.

Max Norton

The 26-year-old plans to mix outlaw country and ’60s folk music with Jack White producer Mindy Watts behind the boards.

Most of the material for his still-untitled release were written over the past year and a…

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