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Just when you thought Southern rock was said and done, along comes Beitthemeans, swaggering out from a dark shed somewhere deep in the pines of Sylacauga, Alabama. The name is fitting for a power trio that is all about boot straps, whether it’s pulling them up or using them to beat their way out of a smoldering genre that could benefit from a whipping or two. With swelling riffs, bluesy throwbacks and a lead singer with a screech that must be part owl, BITM certainly cracks the whip on Southern rock.
Bassist Casey Wilson, drummer Nathan Kelley and singer/guitarist Josh Jones.

Holiday Gunfire

Combining guitar stylings reminiscent of Bob Mould, Johnny Marr and Thurston Moore smashing headfirst into the engine of an f16 jet fighter, Holiday Gunfire sets the sonic stage with it’s thunderous rhythm section and memorable melodies.

Lester Nuby III, Jason Hamric, Mikey Williams, and Craig Ceravelo make up this lineup and it promises not to disappoint. Long time veterans of the Alabama music scene, this foursome balances on the tight rope of beautiful and ear crushing.

Listening to Holiday Gunfire only begs to ask these two questions-
Why has this not happened yet? And, Where are my earplugs!

Terry Ohms

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