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Show of the Week – Jamey Johnson

Show of the Week - Jamey Johnson

REAL country music comes to Birmingham and Avondale Brewing Co. with Jamey Johnson  performing live on June 4th!!!

Jamey Johnson is an award-winning singer-songwriter rose to the top of country music through fierce dedication to his craft and a never-give-up attitude. A life-long musician and performer, this former Marine first made his name in Music City as a songwriter. Never content, however, to remain behind the scenes, Johnson never gave up his on his dream of becoming a successful recording artist and performer.

With two critically-acclaimed albums under his belt, a truckload of awards and nominations, and sold-out performances in venues that keep getting bigger and bigger, Johnson is a welcomed throw-back to artists like Waylon Jennings and Hank Williams.

Origins and Early Musical Experiences

Born on July 14, 1975 in Enterprise, AL and raised in nearby Montgomery, Johnson was heavily influenced as a kid by the musical legends of his home state, including Hank Williams, Vern Gosdin, Alan Jackson and Alabama. He was also a big Waylon Jennings fan. Johnson grew up poor, but music was always a part of his family’s life. His first…

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