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ROBERT ELLIS with Tom Brosseau, Henry Dunkle

Robert Ellis

Robert Ellis is the kind of songwriter who only comes along once in a great while. With his first two albums, a promise was made. With his new record, The Lights from the Chemical Plant, that promise has been delivered and fully realized. The music, like the artist, refuses to accept the confines of a box, and burns white-hot from the inside out. But what seems even more striking about this record, this musician, even at a first glance, is that feeling of unyielding authenticity.


Tom Brosseau

Tom Brosseau, North Dakota-born, LA-based songwriter and singer, will join as special guest of Robert Ellis (New West Records) for a month of summer touring. Brosseau & Ellis met earlier this year, while performing at the Cayamo music festival. Brosseau performed with the Watkins Family Hour, led by Sara and Sean Watkins and featuring David Garza, Sebastian Steinberg and Don Heffington. Audiences at the Ellis/Brosseau shows will hear new music from both artists, Ellis in support of his upcoming album release; Brosseau will reward fans with previews of his newly recorded album produced by Sean Watkins.


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Don Coyote / Henry Dunkle / Rayvon Pettis

Don Coyote

Ask not what country music can do for you, ask what you can do for your country’s music. Featuring the washtub, fiddle, slide, and other instrumentation and vocals from Nashville, TN.



Rayvon Pettis

Rayvon Pettis is an indie-country songwriter whose style bridges traditions of Neutral Milk Hotel, Gram Parsons, Johnny Cash, and the Drive by Truckers. In 2012 he recorded his first EP with “Calling Station” producer Jon Knowles at Workplay Studios in Birmingham. Pettis recently finished his first album “Insureda.”


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Pokey Lafarge, Henry Dunkle

Pokey Lafarge, Henry Dunkle

Pokey Lafarge, Henry Dunkle

Pokey Lafarge

“It really feels like I’m taking a big step forward on this one,” Pokey LaFarge says of Something in the Water, his seventh album and his Rounder debut. “While we were recording it, I kept thinking, ‘Hey, we’re really onto something here.'”

Indeed, the dozen-song set marks a new landmark in a career that’s already filled with musical highlights. The St. Louis-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist draws from a deep well of American musical traditions to create distinctively personal music that’s timeless rather than retro, transcending the confines of genre in a manner that reflects the artist’s openhearted attitude.

Incorporating elements of early jazz, ragtime, country blues, Western swing, and beyond, LaFarge has created a vibrant, deeply expressive body of work that embodies an expansive musical vision and vivid storytelling sensibility that are wholly his own. He’s also earned a reputation as a tireless, uniquely charismatic live performer, winning a loyal international fan base that regularly packs his rousing, celebratory live shows.

Since he began recording in 2006, Pokey has maintained an indefatigable work ethic that’s yielded a wealth of compelling music. After making a grass-roots splash with his self-released debut album Marmalade and moonlighting as mandolinist with…

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Sleepy Man

w/ Henry Dunkle, Mandi Rae

Sleepy Man. This trio of brothers: 16 year-old Robbie Mizzone on fiddle and lead vocals, 17 year-old Tommy on guitar and harmonies, and 13 year-old Jonny on banjo, has made quite an entrance onto the music scene with YouTube videos now eclipsing over 30 million views, and appearances on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and David Letterman.

“Their act features sweet lyrics harmonized over driving tempos that crescendo before retreating, only to rise again. Their sound is topped with complicated melodies that fly up and down with fury as they put a youthful, rocked-out twist on Bluegrass.” Burton Snowboards / Burton Girls

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Patrick Sweany

Patrick Sweany

Patrick Sweany

You may not have heard of Patrick Sweany, but chances are you’ve heard his music.
Sweany has been a mainstay of the roots/blues circuit for several years now. He’s released five critically acclaimed records, toured the US, Canada and Europe dozens of times, and built up a reputation for no-holds-barred, leave-it-on-the-stage live shows that recall the halcyon days of Stax and Muscle Shoals soul revues.
His songs are streamed by millions and downloaded by thousands of fans every year, and have appeared in prominent TV and Film spots. He’s toured on his own and in support of artists as diverse as The Black Keys, The Wood Brothers, Wayne Hancock, and The Gourds.
Sweany’s newest full-length record – Close To The Floor – is as personal a statement as the 38 year old troubadour has ever made. Inspired by tragedy and frustration, it’s a (mostly) gritty look in the mirror for the Akron native who now resides in Nashville. Sweany’s coping with the premature deaths of two family members, his struggles with perpetual touring, and his battles with the ruthless music industry are all examined closely here.


Singer-Songwriter from Muscle Shoals, Alabama

Henry Dunkle

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Show of the Week – Patrick Sweany

Show of the Week - Patrick Sweany

If you like the Black Keys, you’re going to love PATRICK SWEANY on May 15 at Saturn.

On any given night (or any given album) he’ll swing through blues, folk, soul, bluegrass, maybe some classic 50’s rock, or a punk speedball. He’s a musical omnivore, devouring every popular music sound of the last 70 years, and mixing ’em all together seamlessly into his own stew. Yet, the one thing that most people notice about Patrick isn’t his ability to copy – it’s his authenticity. Like his heroes, artists like Bobby “Blue” Bland, Doug Sahm, Joe Tex, Patrick somehow manages to blend all of these influences into something all his own. – artists website

Sweany will be joined by guests Firekid and Henry Dunkle. Tickets are only $8 and are available here.

MPM recommends “Them Shoes”  and “Working for You” as seen here: