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Hard Working Americans with RAELYN NELSON BAND

Hard Working Americans with RAELYN NELSON BAND

Hard Working Americans

Hard Working Americans is a mission as much as a band. Loose-limbed, freak flag waving specters caper inside this freshly minted but quicksilver evolving unit where the boogie politics of Haight-Ashbury canoodle with southern muscle, blue-collar understanding, and a bold rallying cry for true American individualism, freedom and community.

“The description of church I got as a kid – a joyous celebration of life and gratitude – was nothing like the reality of it, and I feel like this band is a spiritual outlet that lives up to the description,” says lead singer, professional scallywag and People’s Preacher Todd Snider. “I feel like I’m the small part of a bigger thing. I think the deepest thing music does is make people dance and Hard Working Americans is here to make folks move.”

Formed in late 2013, HWA comprises Snider, bassist Dave Schools (Widespread Panic), guitarist Neal Casal (Chris Robinson Brotherhood), keyboardist Chad Staehly (Great American Taxi), drummer Duane Trucks and guitarist Jesse Aycock.

“We all agree it’s our job to challenge people. What’ve we got to lose? And it’s easy with this group of musicians,” says Schools. “We have these two young bucks, Jesse Aycock and Duane Trucks, who are…

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