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10 Times Harder, With a Purpose

10 Times Harder, With a Purpose

By: Josh Matthews

Photo: Amplified Entertainment

Eastside Birmingham’s Matt King, aka 10STACKZ, seeks to maintain his reputation as a trendsetter on his new release, 10 Times Harder (© 2019 10STACKZ), the follow-up to the commercially successful Times 10 album. The aptly named new album is demonstrating a similar trajectory, with the hit song, “Fell in Love Wit a Freak”, garnering all kinds of play time in music venues, night clubs, and nationwide radio, including local station, 95.7 Jams. While 10 Times Harder is rooted in that old, dirty-south style, it is also unusually melodic. King’s lyrics are rough and raunchy for those guilty pleasure-seekers of hardcore rap, but they aren’t just dirty for dirty’s sake. His delivery is balanced, with a cadence and flow to rival any veteran in the game.

King first garnered national attention and commercial success with his hit single, “Drip”, for the Me vs Them (© 2016 J Bird Music Management Group) mixtape. Lyrics from “Drip” and tracks from Times 10 (© 2018 10STACKZ) have since become popularized in rap music today, establishing 10STACKZ as a possible trend-setter in the industry and… [read more…]